1 - Rules

1.1 - The IberCup will be played in accordance with the applicable sections of FIFA's rules. In matters of interpretation of FIFA's rules, the English text shall prevail.


1.2 - Teams are divided into groups of three to six teams, depending on the number of teams in the category.


1.3 - Team rankings will be determined according to their points. Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.


1.4 - If two or more teams finish with the same number of points, the ranking will be decided as follows:


1st - Goal difference;

2nd - Higher number of goals scored;

3rd - Results between teams (games between both) with the same number of points;

4th - Higher number of wins;

5th - The team with the lowest average age.


1.5 - Group Stage Matches

1.5.1 - The competition format is determined by the following rules:


1.5.2 - Teams play each other in the group stage in a single round.


1.5.3 - The order among the teams will be decided according to points.


1.5.4 - If a team is disqualified or withdraws during the group stage, all results will be changed to 0-3 (W.O) in favor of the opponent.


1.6 - Playoff Matches


1.6.1 - All playoff matches are decided in a single-elimination format.


1.6.2 - A tied game will be decided by penalty kicks from the penalty mark according to FIFA's rules with a series of 5 kickers on each team.


1.6.3 - All players registered in the competition and present in the game in question are authorized to participate in the penalty shootout decision.


1.6.4 - In penalty kicks, the referee will observe the total number of athletes present in the match on each team and assign the maximum number of kickers based on the lowest quantity.


1.6.5 - After determining item 1.6.4, coaches are free to choose which athletes will take the kicks.


1.6.6 - In the event of teams being tied at the end of the 5 penalty rounds, the winner will be determined after one team scores and the other fails in its turn.


1.6.7 - If all kickers have already taken their kicks and the match is still undecided, the order restarts with the same players.


1.6.8 - In the event of a team being disqualified or withdrawing during the playoff matches, the opposing team will advance in the competition.



2 - Age Categories


Born in 2017 - 7v7

Born in 2016 - 7v7

Born in 2015 - 7v7

Born in 2014 - 7v7

Born in 2013 - 7v7

Born in 2012 - 7v7

Born in 2011 - 11v11

Born in 2010 - 11v11



Born in 2010 - 7v7



3 - Players

3.1 - In all categories, the maximum and minimum number of registered players per team is:

- 11-a-side - Minimum of 16 and maximum of 22 players.

- 7-a-side - Minimum of 10 and maximum of 14 players.


3.1.1 - Maximum of 4 responsible adults and a minimum of 1 for 11-a-side teams, and a maximum of 3 responsible adults and a minimum of 1 for 7-a-side teams.


3.2 - All players must be able to prove their age through the original identity document and/or passport, with a photo and date of birth.


3.3 - We recommend that all players use the same number on the game jersey throughout the competition.


3.3.1 - If players change numbers between games, the coach or team leader must update this information before the start of the game with the field staff or all statistics for that player will be incorrect.


3.4 - Teams can use all players who are registered in the competition system.


3.5 - In-game substitutions, players must follow the following rules:


3.5.1 - A substituted player can re-enter the game.


3.5.2 - Substitutions can be made without the game needing to be stopped, provided the referee gives permission.


3.5.3 - All substitutions are made in the team's technical area. If there is no defined technical area, the substitution will be made at the halfway line.


3.5.4 - The player can only enter the field when their teammate is out of the legal playing area and only after the referee gives permission.


3.6 - All incorrectly made substitutions will be penalized with a yellow card.


3.7 - In goalkeeper substitutions, the game must be stopped and the referee informed.


3.8 - A player can represent the same club in multiple categories but cannot represent more than one team in the competition.


3.9 - If a player represents a team in different categories, they must be registered on all registration forms for the categories in which they will participate.


3.9.1 - If a player represents a team in different categories but is only registered with one team, the player will not be allowed to participate in the other teams. If this happens, they will be disqualified from the competition, and the team will lose by 0-3 in the games in which the player participated.


3.10 - If a club competes with two or more teams in the same category, players from these teams CANNOT switch teams. If this happens, they will be disqualified from the competition, and the team will lose by 0-3 in the games in which these players participated.


3.11 - Teams that field players not listed on the registration form may be excluded from the tournament.


3.12 - Registration of players during the competition is not allowed. The deadline to register players is until June 6th. After validation and accreditation, no more player registrations are accepted.



4 - Game Time

4.1 - In categories with a 7-a-side competition format, there will be 2 (two) halves of 20 (twenty) minutes each in all matches.


4.2 - In categories with an 11-a-side competition format, there will be 2 (two) halves of 25 (twenty-five) minutes each in all matches.


4.3 - There will be a 2 (two)-minute halftime break in all matches, in all categories.


4.4 - All games will start promptly, according to the published schedule.



5 - Match Details

5.1 - Match Sheet:


5.1.1 - It is mandatory in all matches to verify the online match sheet with the field manager before the start of the match.


5.1.2 - All players registered in the competition must be included in the match sheet.


5.1.3 - If a player is not on the match sheet, they cannot be used in the match. In this case, the team leader must contact the competition's administrative services to resolve the situation for future matches. - Any player or leader not included on the list cannot access the technical area.


5.1.4 - The match sheet is always active with the information from the previous match. If it needs to be updated, the team leader must make the changes with the field staff before the next match starts.


5.1.5 - Team leaders MUST confirm the player list numbers for the match with the field staff before the start of the match to avoid any errors in match information.


5.1.6 - Even if there have been no changes in the players' jersey numbers compared to the previous match, the team representative must always validate the match with the field staff 45 minutes before the start of the match, or the match may not start on time.


5.1.7 - All players on the team list are considered to have participated in the match.


5.1.8 - Random checks of team lists and participant lists will be conducted.


5.1.9 - For teams that do not validate the match sheet until 15 minutes before the start of the match, a no-show may be applied. The organization may impose a fine of R$300.00 or prevent the team from playing again until this fine is regularized.


5.2 - Player Equipment:


5.2.1 - Numbers on game jerseys are MANDATORY. - If a player does not have a number on the jersey, they will need to "manually" add a number with tape or will not be allowed to play in the match.


5.2.2 - The number of players on the match sheet must match the jersey numbers.


5.2.3 - Two players from the same team cannot wear the same number in the match.


5.2.4 - The number each player has on the team list must match the jersey number.


5.2.5 - If a player changes the jersey number from the previous game, this information must be updated on the online match sheet with the field team before the start of the match.


5.2.6 - No player can change numbers during the same match. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a yellow card for the player and they must leave the field to wear the correct jersey. - The player can only return to the match when wearing an authorized jersey number and with the referee's consent.


5.2.7 - If teams wear the same uniform color, the home team (listed on the left in the match table) has priority to keep their uniform, and the other team needs to change or, as a last resort, use vests. This does not exclude the possibility of the home team, as an act of fair play, exchanging their uniform to proceed with the match.


5.2.8 - Shin guards are mandatory in all matches.


5.2.9 - Athletes may use rubber cleats. Metal or aluminum cleats are not allowed.


5.3 - Before and After the Match:


5.3.1 - All teams must be ready on the field no later than 15 minutes before kickoff with valid documents for age control, if requested.


5.3.2 - All team leaders or coaches will have to immediately validate the online match sheet with their PIN available in the My Team Info information area on the website after the end of each match. Failure to validate may result in a notification from the IberCup jury.


5.4 - Game Balls


5.4.1 - Size 5 balls are used in all matches in categories playing in the 11-a-side format.


5.4.2 - Size 4 balls are used in all matches in categories playing in the 7-a-side format.


5.4.3 - The organization will provide official game balls for the matches.


5.4.4 - The organization does not provide balls for team warm-ups before matches.



6 - Accreditation - Match Sheet - Age Control

6.1 - Player Registration


6.1.1 - The team representative will have access to the My Team Info area once the first payment or security deposit is made, which will allow them to pre-register their players in the system.


6.1.2 - The necessary information for player registration includes:

Full name;

Date of birth;

Photo of official document (ID card or passport);

Identification number (ID card or passport);

Athlete's photo;



6.1.3 - After successful registration, the team representative must upload the players' documents and photos into the system by June 6th; the documents (ID/Passport) must be legible and up-to-date. After this date, the system will be locked for new information input.


6.1.4 - Teams must have the player's photo uploaded to their profile so that the identification document can be verified with the photo on the website.


6.1.5 - Once we receive all documentation, we can proceed with online player accreditation.


6.1.6 - If the team representative does not complete the accreditation following the indicated steps, the player will not be allowed to participate.


6.1.7 - Please note that in previous editions, some players were prevented from participating because their team representatives did not respect the deadline for this process. Players are thus prevented from participating, and all fees paid will be lost.


6.2 - Online Accreditation:


6.2.1 - Online accreditation can only be initiated when all steps of the player registration process are completed with the required documentation on our side (Identification/Photo/Document Scanning).


6.2.2 - The online accreditation process is validated through the list of registered players on the website along with the photo already registered in the system, based on all documentation sent to the organization.


6.2.3 - Up to 40 days before the start of the tournament, all players must be registered in the online system. After this date, an additional administrative fee of R$300.00 will be charged per team that has not completed online accreditation within the deadline.


6.2.4 - If there are players who, at the time of online accreditation, do not yet have their photo uploaded into the system, their accreditation will not be valid, and they are not authorized to participate.


6.2.5 - Players who are not verified in online accreditation will not be allowed to participate even if they present themselves on the day of the match with some form of personal identification.


6.2.6 - Teams will only appear visible online in the competition website's game schedule when the entire team's online accreditation process is completed. If this does not happen, the team may be excluded from the competition, being replaced by another local team if online accreditation is not completed within 40 days before the start of the tournament.


6.2.7 - For players to be officially registered and have the accreditation process completed, all payments must be made by the teams.


6.3 - Collection of Credential Kits


6.3.1 - Online accreditation is mandatory.


6.3.2 - Team representatives will be informed in advance where they can perform this procedure before the start of the tournament.


6.3.3 - The team representative is only authorized to collect the team kit if the online accreditation process is completed.


6.3.5 - If a player has a pending verification by the organization, they cannot be validated even if they go to the office to perform in-person accreditation.


6.3.6 - For teams traveling by plane or their own transportation, the team kit is collected on July 21st (Sunday).


6.3.7 - For local teams, the team kit must be collected on July 19th and 20th (Friday and Saturday).


6.3.8 - If any local team representative collects the team kit only 1 day before the competition, they will have to wait in long lines and will not have priority over teams with accommodation who will collect on that day.


6.3.9 - Only the person responsible for the team needs to be present to collect the team kit and receive some important information.


6.3.10 - If team representatives do not collect the kits, the teams will NOT be able to participate in the first match.


6.4 - Age Control:


6.4.1 - Teams need to bring identification documents (ID or passport) of the players to the matches.


6.4.2 - Age control consists of a random check on teams and can be performed at any time.


6.4.3 - This age control will be carried out by our duly identified staff with "Age Control," through visual confirmation between the players, the profile registered in the system, and the document.



7 - Special Authorizations (number of players per team who are at most one year older than the age of that category)

7.1 - Exemptions will be automatically granted in male categories to:


7.1.1 - 7-a-side Football - Up to 2 female athletes will be automatically accepted, being 1 year older than the category.


7.1.2 - 11-a-side Football - Up to 2 female athletes will be automatically accepted, being 1 year older than the category.


7.1.3 - In the spirit of inclusion in football, there are occasions where IberCup authorizes the registration of athletes who are up to 01 (one) year older than the category. For complete information, please consult the commercial sector.


7.2 - Exemptions will be automatically granted in female categories to:


7.2.1 - 7-a-side Football - Up to 5 players will be automatically accepted, being 1 year older than the category (2009), and up to 1 player being 2 years older (2008).



8 - Soccer Rules

8.1 Competition Formats:


8.1.1 - In 7x7 format competitions, all categories play 7-a-side football (one goalkeeper and six outfield players).


8.1.2 - In 11v11 format competitions, all categories play 11-a-side football (one goalkeeper and ten outfield players).


8.2 - Offside:

            8.2.1 - Offside occurs in the 11v11 categories.


8.3 - Offside:


8.3.1 Offside will be enforced in the 7x7 competitions, between the goal line / 7-a-side offside line and the goal line.


8.4 Goal Kick:


8.4.1 - The goal kick will always be taken from the ground, with the ball placed at any point that defines the penalty area.


8.4.2 - In a goal kick, the ball is in play as soon as it is kicked and moves clearly (it does not need to leave the penalty area).


8.4.3 - Opponents must remain outside the penalty area until the ball is kicked.


8.4.4 - Teammates can be inside the penalty area at the time of the goal kick.


8.4.5 - If opponents enter the penalty area before the ball is kicked, the kick is retaken.


8.5 - Other Rules


8.5.1 - For every kick-off from the halfway line, a minimum of two touches on the ball is required for a goal to be valid (i.e., a direct shot from the halfway line is not allowed unless the ball touches someone).


8.5.2 - All throw-ins are taken with the hands, and all corner kicks are taken with the feet.


8.5.3 - Passing the ball back to the goalkeeper and him catching the ball with his hands is not allowed.


8.5.4 - All other major refereeing rules will be applied in addition to the aforementioned points.



9 - Fields

9.1 - All playing fields have natural grass.


9.2 - The football fields are distributed in CEPEUSP.


9.3 - In case of adverse weather conditions, some games may be decided by penalties or a coin toss.


9.4 - Other fields may be used if the number of teams exceeds the expected amount.



10 - Match Schedule

10.1 - The organizing committee has the right to change groups, schedules, and playing fields before and during the competition.


10.2 - In case of changes, teams will be duly informed, but it is the responsibility of the teams to check on the website 2 hours before the start of the game where it will take place.


10.3 - You should check the game schedules at all times, especially when advancing to the next phases, as the organization may be forced to make changes to game times and fields due to logistical demands.



11- Referees

11.1 - All referees are members of a football association in their country.


11.2 - All 11-a-side football matches have at least 2 or 3 referees.


11.3 - All 7-a-side category matches have 1 referee.


11.3.1 - For the Playoff phase, in the 7-a-side categories, the organization may, if possible, have two referees.


11.4 - The referee coordinator during the tournament will be available at the IberCup office.



12 - Tournament Jury

12.1 - The Tournament Jury consists of representatives.


12.2 - The Jury handles protests, punishments, and unforeseen situations.


12.2.1 - All situations that occur are always analyzed according to "Fair Play".


12.3 - Decisions of the Tournament Jury are final. Please note that decisions made may not correspond to FIFA rules based on Fair Play.



13 - Punishments and Protests

13.1 - All protests must be submitted in writing by the team manager and delivered to the jury no later than 60 minutes after the end of the game.


13.2 - Protests must be delivered at the tournament office.


13.3 - A protest fee of R$300.00 must be paid when the protest is submitted at the tournament office.


13.3.1 - This fee will only be refunded if the protest is approved.


13.3.2 - Recordings of the play/game will not be accepted as evidence.


13.4 - Protests based on refereeing decisions will not be accepted.


13.5 - In all categories, if a player receives a red card, they may be substituted by another player during the game, except in the 11-a-side categories.


13.5.1 - The player sanctioned in this game may participate in the next match unless the referee reports the expulsion as very serious, so it will be analyzed by the jury to determine if the player will be suspended for one or more games.


13.5.2 - If a suspended player participates in a game irregularly, the team of that suspended player automatically loses the game by 0-3.


13.6 - Yellow cards are not accumulated.


13.7 - Serious infractions will be reported to the corresponding football federations.



14 - Non-Appearance Penalties

14.1 - If a team fails to appear for a game without a valid reason, the team may be attributed a 3-0 loss, but only after a decision by the jury.


14.2 - If a team fails to appear on time for a game due to transportation delays caused by traffic or other reasons, the jury may decide to delay the game (maximum of 20 minutes after the scheduled game time), valid only for the first game of the tournament on that day.


14.2.1 - In exceptional situations, the game may be rescheduled for another time on the same day or the following day if there are no available fields when the teams arrive.


14.3 - If a team repeatedly fails to appear for games, the team in question may be excluded from the tournament.


14.3.1 - In special cases, the tournament jury may decide to exclude a team immediately after the first infraction if it is found to be deliberate for self-benefit and unfair to another team in the group.


14.4 - Any team that loses a game due to non-appearance must pay a fee of R$300.00 to play the next match and continue in the competition.


14.5 - If a team fails to appear for the last group game without a valid reason and to their own benefit, they may be eliminated or disqualified, but only after a decision by the jury.


14.6 - If a team fails to appear for the match, the organization is not responsible and will not reimburse any of the teams.


14.7 - If a game is interrupted for any reason and cannot be played to completion, the jury will decide among these 5 alternatives:


14.7.1 - If the game has to be replayed from the beginning.


14.7.2 - If the game will restart from the minute it was interrupted.


14.7.3 - If the result at the time of interruption will be decided as the final result.


14.7.4 - If one of the teams wins 3-0.


14.7.5 - If both teams lose by 0-3.



15 - Conduct Regulations

15.1 - Team leaders are responsible for the behavior of their players in case of damage caused to sports facilities, changing rooms, accommodations, transportation, or other facilities.


15.2 - In case of damage, the responsible party must immediately contact the organization staff.


15.3 - In case of doubt regarding the interpretation of the tournament regulations, you should contact the organization staff directly.


15.4 - Silence must be respected in accommodations between 22:00 and 7:00.


15.5 - Meal times must be respected. Teams may miss their meals if they arrive outside of the designated times.


15.5.1 - In case of delay in a game or transportation, you must inform the organization of this situation.


15.6 - It is prohibited to travel in any transportation without a shirt.


15.7 - Disregard for these rules will be assessed by the tournament organization and may result in exclusion from the competition and accommodations, and the subsequent loss of the security deposit.



16 - Conduct of Family Members and Supporters

16.1 - Teams are responsible for the conduct of their supporters and family members.


16.2 - Teams may forfeit a game if the referee decides to end the game based on the verbal and violent misbehavior of their family members and supporters towards the referees or any other tournament staff.


16.3 - Teams may be expelled from the tournament immediately after their first incident, based on the verbal and violent misbehavior of their family members and supporters towards the referees or the other team, and will forfeit their security deposit.



17 - Insurance and Liability

17.1 - Each player must have medical insurance (related to their federation or private insurance).


17.2 - Ensure that all your players are insured on and off the field.


17.3 - IberCup does not have any group insurance, protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft, or damage to property, and is not responsible in any way for accidents, damages, or economic losses that may arise in the event of war, acts of war, civil war, revolution or civil unrest, or due to actions by authorities, strikes, blockades, natural disasters, epidemics, or similar events.


17.3.1 - These issues will be resolved under the responsibility of the teams and are not the responsibility of IberCup or the local organization.


17.4 - Participants from countries that do not have any medical insurance agreements with Brazil must have personal medical insurance.


17.5 - Team leaders must know in advance which hospitals/clinics their insurance company has agreements with, so that in the event of medical services being required, they can take their athletes to them.


17.5.1 - If the ambulance drivers are not informed by the team leaders about which clinic or hospital to go to, the team is responsible for paying for the services provided at the hospital where the player was taken if it does not have an agreement with their insurance company.


17.6 - The organization assumes no responsibility in case of theft of sports equipment or personal belongings of participants in accommodation, transportation, or sports venues.



18 - Water for Games

18.1 - Water distribution may be available for teams during games, with each team having a determined amount of water allotted for each game. The team leader must collect the water at the distribution point in the tournament.



19 - Dressing Rooms

19.1 - Teams must arrive at their accommodations already dressed for the game.


19.2 - Some sports complexes may have dressing rooms, but some are small, and due to the high number of teams, your team may not get a place to change.


19.3 - This rule applies to local teams.


19.4 - Teams with accommodation arranged through the organization must shower in their own accommodation after returning from the game.



20 - Authorizations for Participation in IberCup

20.1 - All foreign teams must request their football federations to send an authorization letter to IberCup ( to participate in the tournament. In countries where football is organized by football schools, the organization also allows teams from these countries affiliated with football schools to participate, and in these cases, they only need to send an authorization letter from the club or school.



21 - Organizer

Easy Choice Agência de Viagem Eireli organizes the IberCup São Paulo 2024.